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Riding Lessons

We are open seven days a week as we alternate the horses’ day off.

Riding Lesson Times:
Class lessons are reserved for the weekend or BRC every other Wednesday.

Private lessons can be arranged for most days from 10.00am onwards including evenings Mon-Thurs but there is a difference in the pricing structure for the time you book.

BHS Exams including Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4
BHS exam training for stable management, lunging and riding is available on a one to one basis. Rosie our BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship can sign off the skills record required for those taking the BHS Stages 1, 2 & 3.

Riding Lessons Price List:

Class Lesson:
Adult £22 per hour
Children £20 per hour

Private Lesson: £23 per half hour before 3pm
£28 per half hour 3 pm onwards and weekends

Semi Private
Half Hour 1 Hour
X2 £20 X2 £40
X3 £18 X3 £36
X4 £16 X4 £32

Hacking Adult £22 per hour
Child £20 per hour

Own a Pony Days - £40

BRC - £22
Stable Management £12.50 per half hour, £38 as part of an hour's riding and theory session

Pony Camp - £200
If Pony Camp includes Cross Country - £250

Ride Safe Training:
Ride Safe Training £22.
Exam Fee: £95 which is payable to the BHS direct.

Regular training is done throughout the year and the exam can be done ‘in house’ or externally once the training is complete. Fees are correct as of October 2018

Arena Hire £15 including jumps. £5 extra per horse.

Hacking Out

Indoor School

Outdoor School


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